My name is Gergely Gyurta and I was born on 12 Sept 1991.

I followed and keep going on my brother’s way, that’s why nobody should admire on the partial similarities to his descriptions.

My relation to swimming was mainly influenced by my brother’s advanced swimming practice. So did I take my first steps under Gabriella Párkányi ’s coaching, and my enthusiasm led much quicker to Katalin Perjamosi.

I was also involved in the changing of Club, but I was pretty young ( 7 year old ) when I arrived in Béla Komjádi swimming pool. Széles was working with 10 and 13 year old kids, so I was directed to the youngers in Balázs Fehérvári group. Around this period, I managed to swim my first national record in 1500m freestyle.

From 2002, I have been cooperating with Sándor Széles, so have with Ferenc Kovácshegyi and Balázs Virth. This year (2010 ) I became the member of adult national team, and accordingly I could participate on European Championship in Budapest, where I was able - both in 1500m and 800m freestyle - to reach the final.

I began my studies in Géza Bárczy Primary School, then in Péter Veres Secondory School was the next successful school - time.

Now, I am attending on the Department of Economy and Manegement of Budapest Communication College


My best results – in time-order:

2008 Youth European Championship, 400m medlay – 4th position

Youth European Championship, 1500m freestyle – 7th position

2009 Youth European Championship – Prague, 1500m freestyle - European Champion

Youth European Championship – Prague, 400m medlay – silver medalist

2010 European Championship – Budapest, 1500m freestyle – 7th position

European Championship – Budapest, 800m freestyle – 8th position

Short – Course World Championship – Dubai, 1500m freestyle – bronze medalist

2011 Szcsecsin European Short Course Championships: 1500 m freestyle 9th place

2012 Debrecen European Championship: 1500 m freestyle 3rd place
Open Water Cup in Eilat Europe 10Km second place
London Olympics 1500 m freestyle 12th place

2013  European Short Course Swimming Championships – Herning, 1500m Freestyle – European Champion

Gyurta gets over 25 km distance at first in his life

27.07.2013 04:46 PM

Ferenc Kovácshegyi, expert of Széles-team and László Kiss - national team coach- raise their hats to Gergely Gyurta

We tend to believe ( or suppose ), that either position 18 or position 13 cannot be any special at a world championship, but Gergely Gyurta’s participation needs mentioning by word of perfect.

He finished in 18th position in the race of 5km, afterwards, Saturday he swam incredible 25 km at first in his life, which was decided in a crawl for German swimmer.

After finishing and being positioned 13 in a mad race, Gyurta said, he would have liked to finish among best 10, but he had pain everywhere in his body at the end. He managed to get over the 25 km distance and felt satisfication, because of being 13 at world champ couldnot be bad.

Receiving gratulation after the race
Photo by Sport24

Ferenc Kovácshegyi, who is one of the coach in Széles-team and participated in the preparations, conceives:

It was the first time, when he ( Gergely) swam 25 km, so expectations could not emerge, beacuse it was new event for him in that ranked competition – assessed the trainer.As long as it could be seen, open-water competitions were about German, Brazil or Greek swimmers, and Gergely hadnot been able to get in that elite group yet.

What is needed which make someone to be able to swim 25 km? Besides, it was really interesting to see the crawl of the swimmers at the end.                                                                            If we checked the time of the rounds, we could see how it was wavering. The top open-water swimmers usually wait and travel until they set their spurt. Gergő started his spurt a bit earlier,which will have to be learnt in the future, so he couldnot subsume as well his pace as the groovy. But, I am absolutely satisfied with him.

How satisfied are you with the results of the total national team?

Absolutely I am, having some surprises while I can not say that better results havenot been able to achieve in some events, but it is positive to know we are capable of covering all events. Meanwhile, it also reassures to see young swimmers, so it will be able to give hopes for getting closer to the Germans, the Italians and the Russians

Donot feel ashamed
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László Kiss, the coach of national team, is satiesfied, too:

- In professional sport, the experience has an important role like being talented or having luck – coach replied our question. At a World Championship, whoelse swims 25 km, in such a kind of water for at first, deserves the appreciations. Gergő has done his best, and I am sure that he will use these experiences during his next race and will get ahead.

The open-water swimming has not belonged to the Hungarian succesful sports yet, not counting with the Olympic gold medal. What is essential to get into the elite withz more athletes? How can be a training built up, with regard to Gergő’s interview, in which he mentioned to be hit and kicked cruelly during the 5 km race?

- More open-water trainings must be put in out of the pool. Besides, in my opinion, the open-water events have been immature. Sooner or later, the decision-takers will realize that similar to the team-race where to be started by minute, so the swimmers need to be started in every second minute during the individual competitions.

- I was lucky to see, when the winner of 5 km race, Melluli - the olympic champion of 1500m frrestyle – got into the turning first and left in 7th position. You have two possibilities, first followed by Éva Risztov in London and tried to do it again here in Barcelona to swim in leading position from the beginning to the end, the second to swim in bunch like hanig done by Anna Olasz. Anna finished in 5th position, Éva won the gold medal in London. Everybody must decide between the options and have to do trainings according to it. – admitted László Kiss, national team coach.

European Short Course Swimming Championship – Gergely Gyurta is the gold medalist in 1500 freestyle

Saturday 14th december 2013, 04:52 PM

Source: InfoRádió / MTI

On Saturday, Gergely Gyurta won gold medal in the race of 1500 freestyle at European Short Course Swimming Championship in Herning, Danmark, gaining his  first and 41st Hungarian gold medal of  European Championships in 25m pool.

The olympic champion, Daniel Gyurta’s 22-year-old brother, who finished in 3rd position at World Short Course Swimming Championship in Dubai in 2010,met with his greatest success in his life, cleverly competing. He grabbed the leading position around the two-third of the race, having increased his advance from time to time and finally reached the wall first with 4 times body-lenght, timing personal-best with 14:30.26

Gergely Gyurta, who won the 90th Hungarian European-Championship-medal, targeted the national record, which has been held by the other Hungarian finalist of 1500 freestyle in Herning Gergő Kiss, timing 14:29.58. Kis, won the silver in that race at European Champ. in 2007, finished in 4th position in Herning with 14:37.66.

„ I can hardly believe it … We knew, that result had been in me for a long, but it could not come up – winner mentioned it on Facebook-site of Hungarian Association. It was really useful, that I took part in the World Cup series,and the race routine of it helped me a lot. I have three fantastic coaches like Sándor Széles, who is brilliant, and so are Ferenc Kovácshegyi and Balázs Virth, too.”


1500m freestyle, European Champion:


2. Pal Jönsen ( Feröer-island ) 14:35.99

3. Gabriele Detti ( Italy ) 14:36.43